How Social Media Visibility Can Improve Your Business

It is now a fact that we cannot do much without the internet. Everybody is connected to the internet. Statistics even show that an average person spends about 7 hours of their time on the internet daily.

Social media engagement is on the increase as more and more people spend time on Facebook, Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn and most recently TikTok. All for varying reasons. More brands are moving their focus from offline customers to online customers. Personal businesses are thriving online through the use of these social apps.

Social media marketing or visibility is now a necessity not an option for different entrepreneurs.

How Social Media Visibility Can Improve Your Business

While there are many social media platforms online and more still being developed, there are crucial ones that you need to improve your business visibility.

Top Social Media Platforms For Brand Visibility

  1. Facebook

Facebook has approximately 1.960 billion daily users, hence the most prospective for brand visibility and customer attraction. A prospect customer is an individual you look forward to purchasing your product, maybe not immediately but definitely. Target leads are generated there and relationships are built. The more your visibility on this platform the more you generate leads.

Lots of content can be used on this social app to get more visibility. You can take advantage of video content, written posts, user-generated contents (contents from friends or followers) and images to pass your message.

  1. Instagram

Instagram is a social app that is very vital to every business. Also owned by META, the parent company of Facebook. It is one app that gives you more influence and credibility.

One of its uniqueness is the app structuring and its reels. Instagram reels are a short entertaining and creative video on Instagram where you can bring your brand to life. It creates room for more and better engagement with your brand.

  1. Twitter

Twitter is one social app that is known for shortwritten contents. It posts contents in short tweets and are very fast and easily goes viral/trends.

It’s also a news and information sharing app. One of the benefits of using this app professionally is that you can grow a large audience which will give you more visibility. The harsh tags does good jobs on Twitter.

Every like to your tweet boosts your visibility and audience. As its algorithm (program) is when your post is liked by a user, it displays that post to every follower of the user. Bringing more engagements to your posts.

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional job searching platform. It is also social but tends to be more professional in tone. Accounts are set up mostly by professionals to showcase their strengths, experiences, skills and qualifications to attract more work proposals.

It has a job platform where more and more jobs are uploaded daily to get attention of the professionals.

Having a LinkedIn account sets you up as a professional and helps you tell your unique success story. Some brands ask for freelancers LinkedIn account before hiring them.

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  1. YouTube

YouTube is a video platform where users can watch videos of all kinds online, ranging from training videos to full movies. Users can also choose to download any video of their choice and watch them later offline.

It allow subscribers which are people who subscribe to your channel to follow you and watch your videos as well as stay updated with your latest videos.  When a user subscribes to your YouTube account and click on get notification, they automatically get notifications whenever you upload a video. Non-subscribers can also search and watch your videoes.

  1. TikTok

How to Build a Massive Following on TikTok

TikTok is a highly hyped short-video content platform. It uses amazing filters and voice editing to produce creative contents. Most videos on TikTok are mainly entertaining videos. TikTok showcases video trends to users. Large following can be generated using TikTok hence more visibility.

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Building your social media brand

When you are starting a brand, having a social brand is necessary and vital. Below are some steps you can follow to build your brand.

  • Have a focus: before starting out, you need to have an idea of what you want your brand to be about. You should map out a niche where you intend to focus all your energies on. This is what you want your brand to be known for.
  • Creating a social media account: once you have decided what you want to do and be known for, the next thing on the list is to create an account.

Download the social media app from play store or go to their website to download it, follow the steps on creating account.

You should make sure to highly optimized and update your profile. Normally, profiles on different platforms differ from each other, go through the various steps on each of them and make sure they are well updated.

  • Follow people, connect with people: now this is a baby step that will set out your direction on those platforms.

There is a term called being intentional. When you are intentional about your brand, you do things with reasoning and calculation not with emotions. Normally posts you see on all platforms comes from personalized content. How do these apps get you a personalized content?

It comes from the people you follow and the type of contents associated with them. when you have set out your brand, you need to follow your competitors and people who you will gain from their content.

You should take time to scrutinize each profile you want to follow before following. This is what is called being intentional.

  • Start creating contents: Content creation is the next step after following. You need to create contents around one general idea which is your brand. Your brand should have clarity of purpose which can be gotten through contents. When your contents are generally centered on one idea, People are made to associate your contents with your brand.

One key to doing this is to know your target audience. Who are you selling your brand to? When you perfectly understand your target audience, you are now able to create varying contents to suit the needs of your customers. Consistency is key in creating unique brand contents.

Engaging social media for visibility

It’s not enough to update contents regularly, you have to engage on posts and be responsive immensely. The more you like, comment, and share a post, the more your visibility. It helps you and your brand get noticed.

If you are intentional about engaging, then you need to think about strategic commenting. Comments can make or mar your brand. Much care is taken as to commenting, mostly positive comments made for other brands. When you comment on and engage with posts sensibly, people are likely to follow you and also engage back with your contents.

Being responsive is also advised on posts. Replying to comments on your contents and answering questions.

How to Grow Your Business with Intense Visibility

Marketing campaigns are now being run on social media in the form of Ads. These ads are shown to a large number of targeted audience. Note the word “targeted” when you target your post to a particular audience, you generate a lot of leads and prospects.

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Using brand influencers is a good way of promoting your brand. These brand influencers are people who have a lot of followers and a lot of engagements on their posts. They are trusted by many users.

When these brand influencers advertise your posts in a strategic way and a convincing manner, you get more visibility and more credibility associated with your brand.

When your brand has clarity of purpose, your potential customers can understand your brand and what it is about. When you show consistency with your contents, it builds their trust in your brand. When your contents have quality, they associate quality with your brand. They build a relationship with your brand and become loyal customers to you.

Another good practice is conducting social media listening. Social media listening is looking out for what type of posts your brand name is mentioned in, what type of comments do people make about your brand. What things do they advise you to change or do more? Conducting social media listening can help you analyze your efforts and improve your product/services.

When you combine consistent contents, intentional engagements, responsiveness, running sponsored ads, social listening and brand influencing together, you get a maximum return on investments and boost in your business. You build consumers trust and you start trending on social media. Learn more on how to build personal branding skills you need to succeed as an SME.


The importance of Social media for businesses cannot be overemphasized, there are smart ways of monetizing these social platforms and growing your business. These ways have been outlined above for you to know and jump in on it. Boost your visibility now and grow your SME following these guidelines.

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