Top 13 Personal Development Books for Women

Top 13 Personal Development Books for Women

Personal development is an ongoing process and is not restricted to a particular gender. Today, you can find lots of self-help books on the shelves of bookstores and online. If you are a woman looking to get better at what you do, then reading some of the best personal development books for women is a sure way to get started.

In this article, you will find out some of the top personal development books recommended for ambitious ladies.

1. “The Untamed” – Glennon Doyle

Women live in a world where they are occasionally conditioned or stereotyped to a particular role. In today’s world, women can be a lot more and this is why Glennon Doyle wrote the self-help book titled, “The Untamed.”

Here are the key points in the book:

  • It encourages women to “break out of the box” and from the things they have been stereotyped into.
  • The book also motivates women to go the extra mile to fulfill their goals in life.
  • For women who find happiness only from others; this book is a good teacher of making oneself happy.

2. “You are a Badass” –Jen Sincero

You are what you say you are. If you think yourself to be way below others; then that is what you are.

The personal development book, You are a Badass is dedicated to women who feel less of themselves.

The lessons in the book include:

  • Helping you figure out what to make of your life.
  • Discarding other people’s opinions of what – and what you do.
  • How to grow your confidence and comfortably express it when required.
  • How to scale through some of the society-laden burdens that most women tend to face.

3. “Atomic Habits” – James Clear

Some attitudes are worth “purging”. Do you find yourself exhibiting a character that reeks of ignorance and disgust for others? It is time to stop!

Atomic Habits by James Clear is one of the best personal development books for women as it teaches the importance of dropping bad habits and adopting new, better ones.

4. “Girl, Stop Apologizing”– Rachel Hollis

Do women often find themselves apologizing when they ought to have been apologized to? Yes! And it has to stop.

This personal development book by Rachel Hollis titled Girl, Stop Apologizing, teaches you how to do the things you wanted to and quit thinking about what every other person thinks of you.

5. “The 5 Love Languages” – Gary Chapman

Love languages are not entirely spoken words. Sometimes, they take the form of physical affection and gifting.

If you are unsure of the actions and expressions that trigger that adrenaline rush for your loved ones; read The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman to gain clarity.

6. “How to Be a Bawse” – Lilly Singh

“How to Be a Bawse” – Lilly Singh

Being a boss or in a higher position of authority doesn’t always translate to treating others in a bad way. The book How to Be a Bawse (boss) is a guide on how to be a good leader.

From this book, you will learn important lessons, such as how to take challenges as they come, ideal ways to treat others and how to beat the temptations that come your way.

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7. “How to Talk so Little Kids Will Listen” – Joanna Faber & Julie King

For some mothers, childcare poses a problem. You don’t know whether shouting at the top of your voice is the best way to correct these kids when they do wrong.

Pick up the book, How to Talk so Little Kids Will Listen to learn new parenting skills that will make you a better parent – and one that kids listen to.

8. “Girl, Wash Your Face” – Rachel Hollis

This is another Rachel Hollis book. It is a motivational book designed to help women suffering from doubts.

This book will help you break away from the shackles of looking down on yourself and aiding you through the path of building back your self-confidence.

9. “Self-Love Workbook for Women” – Megan Logan

The fact that this book was written by a psychologist makes it more interesting. Megan Logan uses this book to teach the following:

  • Inspire women to treat themselves right. They need to love themselves before anyone else can.
  • How to build confidence and;
  • Taking you down the memory lane to recall some of the enjoyable moments you’ve had.

10. “Everything is Figureoutable” – Marie Forleo

There is no doubt that we hit “brick walls” at different points in our lives. What really matters is the step we take after those setbacks. For some, it is the “end of the road” while to others, it is a motivating factor to make a comeback.

Marie Forleo’s Everything is Figureoutable inspires women to tackle their disappointments and stage a comeback after setbacks.

11. “Set Boundaries, Find Peace” – NedraGlover Tawwab

If there were no borders, then citizens of other countries will trespass into the neighboring countries. The presence of borders keeps all these things in check and creates room for struct regulations.

Likewise, you can control most of your lifestyle and related activities if you set boundaries. This is what this book teaches you:

  • How to develop a solid, working principle and stick to it.
  • How to reset your earlier perceptions of setting boundaries.
  • The best ways to cut off the toxic people in your life.

12. “The Self Care Prescription” – Robyn Gobin

This book made it to the list of the top personal development books for women because of the inherent lessons.

The Self Care Prescription is a guide for women looking to take care of themselves, but don’t know how to.

From this book, you will learn:

  • How to reduce anxiety.
  • Tips on increasing your general well-being.
  • Tips on coping with stress.

13. “The Confidence Code” – Katty Kay & Claire Shipman

This book helps women to regain their self-esteem, develop confident habits and have a general mindset conditioning to start seeing things like “winners” and not “losers.”


There are a hundred and one books for women’s personal development out there, but the ones covered in this article are some of the best picks. After reading these books and applying the lessons therein, you will get better at taking care of yourself, breaking through barriers and stereotypes, boosting your self-confidence, and looking out for others’ wellbeing.

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