Top Small Businesses to Start with Little Capital

If you are thinking of starting a business, there are a lot of opportunities out there that you can explore. Not every business requires a huge amount of capital to start. Some require little to nothing to start.

There are businesses you can start right from the comfort of your home or backyard and make a huge profit. Most service-based businesses require little to no funding to start. Most of the big companies today started from home. Companies like Google, Amazon, Apple, and others started in the garage.

So, if you are looking for small business ideas to start with little capital, here are the top 10 businesses you may likely consider to start your entrepreneurial journey. These business ideas don’t involve any degree, fancy equipment, or expensive training to start.

Top Small Businesses to Start with Little Capital

  1. Cleaning Service Business

This is a very lucrative business idea with a low cost of entry and increasing demand. You don’t need any fancy equipment to start. You just need to have your cleaning materials and workers ready. And you don’t also need an office as no one will be coming over.

The only work here is putting your energy into marketing your service to potential clients. You will need a website and an Instagram account for online marketing. You may also need to print out flyers to share around as a way to get clients offline.

  1. Blogging

This is a lucrative online business idea that has made a lot of people millionaires. To date, a lot of people are still making money with blogging. There are a lot of ways you can make money blogging.

Affiliate marketing, selling your products like eBooks and online courses, AdSense, promoted content, and many others are among the various ways you can make money blogging.

The secret behind making money with blogging lies in your niche and passion. With these two alone, nothing can stop you.

Just do your research on it to know what it entails and see if it is something you will like to give a try.

  1. Event Planning Business

If you have the gift for planning and organizing events that normally turn out successful, then you can start your own event planning business. You can choose to specialize in a specific type of event or go for all types of events.

Depending on the type of event you will be planning, you will be working closely with DJs, rental companies, and caterers. You can launch the business with zero capital. Everything that will be needed for whatever event will be paid for by your client.

If you satisfy your clients, they will always use you for their events and refer you to their friends and family members.

  1. Coffee Shop

This is a business with ever-growing demand worldwide. If you are a coffee lover who visits coffee shops regularly, you will understand and agree that having a coffee shop is a lucrative business.

You won’t need to invest in a big place for a start. You can start small and grow as your revenue increases. The key factor here is location. If you can get this right, you don’t have anything to worry about apart from managing the business.

  1. Bookkeeping Service

With simple accounting knowledge, skill, and experience, you can start a bookkeeping service working with business owners. This could just be the best business for you. Most businesses prefer to hire freelancers than employ a permanent bookkeeper. This is to save costs for their business.

As a bookkeeper, you can help businesses balance their sheets, create and process payroll, issue financial statements, papering tax returns, and more.

This business involves handling sensitive data, and so you will need a team of seasoned professionals to work with so business clients can trust.

  1. Digital Marketing Agency

If you know how digital marketing works, you can start a digital marketing agency. You must not be an expert in all the areas of digital marketing. You can be an expert in running Facebook ads, and hire other freelancers in other fields like SEO, content creation, social media management, graphic designs, etc.

A digital marketing agency is a small business idea you can start with little capital. All you need is a website and a small budget for running ads targeting small business owners.

  1. Ecommerce

Gone are the days when you need to rent an expensive store and buy fancy furnishing to open a store. These days, all you just need to do is create an ecommerce website and upload pictures of your products. This you can do from the comfort of your home.

If you don’t have money to create your online store, online marketplaces like Esty, Amazon, Shopify are third-party websites you can use to sell your products. It is free to join any of these sites.

Using third-party websites like Shopify, you can contract the packaging and shipping work to them. The major work lies in driving traffic to your online store to generate sales for your business.

  1. Ice-Cream/Smoothie Stand

Starting an ice-cream or smoothie stand/kiosk is another lucrative business idea that can generate daily cashflow for you. You can choose to operate a mobile stand moving from street to street to maximize sales.

People love trying icecream with a new flavor, so make your audience aware of new flavors and offers using your social media accounts and offline. Also have different variety of mixed fruits for your smoothie joint giving customers many options to choose from.

  1. Home Based Food Business

Are you a good cook? Can you cook foods eaten by majority of people in your locality? If yes, then you can start a home-based food business and make good amount of money daily.

Unlike a food truck or restaurant, you prepare food in your home and deliver to clients or clients can request for a specific food and you prepare it and deliver it.

Social media marketing and word of mouth is effective in marketing this business. But the best advert you can do for this business is the sweetness of your foods.

  1. Pet Grooming Business

Why not start a business around your passion if you love dogs and other animals? People love their pets but don’t have the time to take care of them and take them for a walk. You can start a pet grooming business with the with these.

You can create a Facebook page and run ads targeting people in your neighborhood.

This business doesn’t require a license, degree, or large amount of money to start. And if you plan to go big with this business in the future, you can enroll with the National Dog Groomers Association of America and earn a certification.


Here are other small businesses ideas you can start with little capital;

  • Delivery business
  • Shawarma/pizza joint
  • Lawn moving
  • Graphic and website design
  • Fashion designing
  • Bakery & pastry
  • Make up business
  • Start a podcast
  • Online course and coaching
  • Handy man jobs


If you find this list of small business to start with little capital of great value to you, then you have been inspired to think of a business to start before the end of this year. All you will need to do now is to decide on which you will be launching and go seek counsel from those already into this business for expert advice.

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