Addiction: How To Avoid and Control All Forms of Addiction

Like terrorism and natural disasters, such as hurricanes, addiction all over the world has become a global concern and every country’s hand is on deck to control it as much as possible before it eats deeper and deeper into the lives of many, especially teenagers.

How To Avoid and Control All Forms of Addiction

Addiction as we know is a dangerous habit people cultivate over time. It starts by cultivating a certain habit and with time, it becomes a person’s part of existence. The chances of returning from this journey are minimal as many end up in rehabilitation centers and not all regain their sanity.

Meaning of addiction

Addiction is a condition in which a person is consistently indulging in a habit that can adversely affect their behavior but is unable to stop. This could be by way of using a substance or simply engaging in a certain type of lifestyle.

Individuals who are addicted to substances indulge in a manner for which the rewarding negative effects do provide a compelling incentive to continuously repeat the act not minding the recurring bad effects or circumstances.

As stated earlier, addiction does involve the use of dangerous substances that are harmful and detrimental to one’s health. Such substances may include; nicotine, cocaine, alcohol, etc.

One dangerous thing about addiction is that individuals who are addicted mostly are aware of the implications, but the ability to stop is what they lack even when they are willing to drop such a habit.

It is worthy of note that people suffering from addiction can also recover from it through improved physical and psychological means. However, others need special assistance to conquer this self-inflicted experience and it is through clinical-based recovery – rehabilitation.

Types of Addiction

  1. Behavioral addiction: This involves the act of compulsive behavior, for example, gambling, sex, internet, shopping, video game, etc.
  2. Chemical addiction: This involves the use of substances, for example, alcohol, marijuana, stimulants, opioids, and depressants.

If you are suffering from any form of addiction but seeking a way out, this material will be of help. So keep reading.

Dangers of addiction

  • It can lead to loss of memory
  • Causes cancer
  • Damages kidney
  • Leads to death
  • An increase in anxiety is not avoidable
  • Tranquilizers can cause damage to one’s veins and arteries
  • Addictive persons are prone to depression

Signs of Addiction

If someone you know starts showing any of the underlisted signs or behavior, then you must consider taking stringent measures to stop them before it gets drastic;

  • Change in personality and behavior
  • Continuous taking of drugs not needed for health problems.
  • Change and tremor
  • Slurred speech
  • Unusual need for money
  • Lack of concern for personal hygiene
  • Bloodshoot eyes
  • Carefree attitude
  • Unusual sleep pattern (Sleep too little or too much)
  • Loss of interest in what they normally love doing

Addiction: How To Avoid and Control All Forms of Addiction

How To Avoid and Control Addiction

1. Avoid peer pressure

One of the ways to avoid and control addiction is by keeping a healthy friendship, “Evil communication corrupts good manners.”  Try as much as possible to keep away from a peer group that pressures you to take un-healthy substances like Tramadol or Nicotine. When you surround yourself with people who are addicted, you will get initiated sooner or later.

Choosing your friends wisely can help to get you out of this trouble.

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2. Try to manage depression

People who are suffering from depression easily fall prey to hard drugs and substances to forget their agony. Depression is a serious mental disorder that negatively affects how an individual reasons and sees the world around him. Loss of loved one, job, racial or social discrimination can lead to depression and change someone’s world-view.

For example, if someone losses a loved one, the person if not monitored can fall into depression, then resorts to taking alcohol or illicit drugs as a way of escape from trauma.

It is believed that everyone is a victim of depression, but the ability to manage it can go a long way in keeping you from addiction of any kind.

Another helpful tip is to have big dreams and aspirations. This beautiful future in sight will make you keep away from anything that will not allow you to realize set goals and visions.

3. Observe environmental influence

If the environment that you live in is infested with people who are addicted to dangerous substances and you don’t want to be part of it, relocate.

Environment can also affect a person’s life either positively or negatively. Charles Darwin in his work called The Origin of Species, says that two factors necessitate human behavior and these are nurture and nature. In other words, heredity and environment. Heredity represents those traits one is born with, such as the shape of the nose, complexion, height, behavior, etc while environment has to do with outside influence and this comes from social groups such as classmates, colleagues, age groups, etc.

Study your environment, if it will influence you negatively, change same for the sake of your mental health.

4. Outline the consequences of addiction

If you can do yourself the favor, list the consequences of hard drugs and get them committed to your heart as you remember them on daily basis. The fear of tarnishing your image or your family’s reputation will keep you out of hard substances.

The problem with addiction is that from the beginning people don’t know the consequences until they are fully drowned. The effects are known after lots of damage has been done and at this point, the victim will not see any reason to quit because he has been psychologically affected.

The earlier you know the consequences of drug abuse, the better for you.

5. Share it with someone

One effective way of controlling addiction is by letting someone know what you are battling with. It is believed that a problem shared is half solved. Don’t be afraid of stigmatization or criticism from anyone, your aim is to seek a solution to your problem.

6. Avoid what lures you  into addiction

If you are addicted to masturbation, for instance, it is advisable you avoid pornographic sites or anything that triggers your urge for sex.

The same goes for other hard substances such as Nicotine and Cocaine. Try as much as possible to avoid anything capable of reminding you of your past life. Even if it has to do with friends who are addicted to any substance whatsoever, avoid and replace them with those who can help you to stay away from addiction.

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