What are the Biggest Enemies of Success and How to Conquer Them?

Have you been conquered by failure or you have given up in life? Thinking success is not for you.

Listen to me.

What I am going to share with you now is real and capable of turning your life around.

You may feel that the reason why you are not making that progress is because a door is shut against you.

Here is the bitter truth.

No door is shut against you, YES!

It is just a figment of your imagination that erects what appears to be an insurmountable mountain in your life and destiny.

Let us skip the suspense and let the cat out of the bag.

You may be wondering or may have wondered why some persons have gone ahead of others in achieving success in almost everything they do. Perhaps the thought of being in one spot for a long time has eaten deep into your heart or you may be one of those who feel or think that someone has caged them down through a diabolical means. My friend, wake up, that may not totally be your case.

At some point in my life, I had dined with such belief, but when I realized it, I discovered I was building walls of limitations around me.

If I were you, I will take what I am reading from this blog seriously and apply where necessary the ideas from this article and you will discover that you have wasted plenty of your precious time blaming people for what they did not do.

This article will expose you to the four (4) biggest enemies of success and how you can conquer them.

So, what are these four enemies to a man’s success? Let’s meet them…

1. The Negative Mind

The human mind is very powerful. The human mind harbors all kinds of thoughts, both NEGATIVE/POSITIVE and whichever that dominates a person’s mind will surely reflect in what the person does. Do you know that what most people experience on daily basis is determined by what goes through their minds? The mind works like a photocopy machine, what it processes is what it duplicates.

The success or failure of a man is dependent on what he thinks “for the spiritual rules the physical”. If your spirit man is conquered, your physical man has lost the battle.

The negative mind never believes that any great height is attainable, it never believes in success. The negative mind is full of doubts. It never sees light, only darkness. Anything you cannot first achieve in your mind cannot be delivered in your hands.

Take this advice…

“Keep your heart with all diligence: for out of it are the issues of life.” (Proverbs 4:23)

If your spirit man is conquered, your physical man has lost the battle.

Every successful person has stuffed his/her mind with positive things and that is why the great achiever like Thomas Alva Edison, the American inventor and businessman who had failed several times still went ahead to event POWER (Light). Believe in yourself, failure is part of a learning process. If you try again when you fail, you have learnt how not to do it the wrong way again.

Don’t be afraid to dare it again when you fail, every successful person has encountered failure before they succeeded.

A wise man said that “the successful person failed more times than the average person tried.

2. Lack of Vision

Show me a positive visionary and I will show you a purpose-driven life. Vision gives your life a direction because your activities and thoughts will be channeled toward a set goal. The American English Dictionary defines vision as “An idea or a goal toward which one aspires.” I heard something one day. It says, “If you don’t have a destination, everywhere will look like a Bus Stop.” (Anonymous)

I had a vision to go to school even though I was born in a family ravaged by poverty. This set goal pushed me out of the village to the city. I surrounded myself with friends who talked about schooling. It took me six years to get my West Africa Examination Council result complete. Some friends gave up after three or four tries but, for me, I was head-bent, never ready to give up. At that time, I felt I had gone too far to go back without result. Today, I have that Degree Certificate. If I had given up like my friends, I would have blamed it on one innocent witch doctor somewhere.

You are either running with a vision, going on a mission, or running with a passion… If you do not belong to any of these, life is reduced to a burden.” – David Oyedepo

The power to succeed or fail is in you, so get vision and run with it. Don’t look back until you have result.

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3. Lack of Self-improvement

What are the Biggest Enemies of Success and How to Conquer Them?

The number 3 enemy of success is lack of self-improvement. This is one of the major reasons some people are stagnated in life. The world we are living in today moves with the trend. I took my modern TV set for a repair, the Engineer opened it, surprisingly coupled it back and referred me to another Engineer. I think a superior and one more advanced in experience. As a person, if you are not up to date, you become irrelevant and obsolete.

Why do you think Apps require an update?

If you say is to meet up with emerging trends, then we are thinking alike.

New things are emerging everyday. New ways of doing things and if you keep doing things the same way you did it twenty years back, then you have no place in the world of today.

At some point in my life, I had just Secondary School Certificate. I had to upgrade by adding Degree to it and got employed. I am not saying that one with the former cannot be employed but you cannot compare the latter with the former.

What are you doing to improve yourself? Have you learnt any skill yet? Self-improvement or development is not a waste of resources or time. It is a future investment that will pay when that opportunity comes calling.

Aside improve yourself with skills, you should also learn how to market yourself so people can notice you.

The more you improve or develop yourself, the more your worth increases.

4. Pride

The English Dictionary defines pride as “The quality or state of being proud; inordinate self-esteem; an unreasonable conceit of one’s own superiority in talent, beauty, wealth, rank etc.; which manifests itself in lofty airs, distance, reserve and often contempt of others.”

Anyone who wants to succeed in business, politics, academics, etc. must deal with this common enemy of man’s progress. Pride has laid many great potentials to rest and has prevented many from taking the step that would have changed their lives for good. Pride is destructive, it makes you see high of yourself and low of others. A proud person does not have a listening ear.

My friend, if you have this enemy, do away with it and your life will take a positive turn.

If you want to kill these enemies of success, I implore you to put into action all that we have discussed, and you will be glad you did.

See you at the top.

Uchenna Okere

Okere Uchenna is a thespian, poet, grammarian and public speaker. He writes on issues pertaining personal development.

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