How to Recruit and Keep Top Talents in any Industry

The success of any organization or company depends on the quality of its employees. If the employees are reluctant to put all the efforts, such a company is set for a fallback in production. So, if you’re a small business owner who wants to learn how to recruit and keep top talents in any industry, this post is for you.

A common mistake that is being made in most companies is placing your customers above your employees. The employers forget that if their workers are not putting in their best, they will not be productive.

Hiring a top talent is very efficient to foster a good company name and productivity but what is best is keeping such talent contented and happy. It is true that there are a lot of talent everywhere but finding one is very much difficult let alone keeping them.

If you want to recruit top talents and keep them, be ready to spend resources; but the benefit of that will be maximum increase in productivity at the workplace.

How to Recruit and Keep Top Talents in any Industry

Below is a list of helpful tips for any organization, company or recruiter.

Strategies to source top talents

1. Treat your Employees Right

The first step to hiring good talents is to keep the employees you already have happy. When you do this, you will see that new talents will be happy to work for your company knowing they will be treated well thereby fostering a good relationship between them. The secret to keeping your employees happy and satisfied is when you treat them right. Treating them right means that you should make sure that you do not take advantage of them.

Try as much as possible to be considerate to their requests and look at their pleas from all angles. This however does not mean that you should work with sentiments, rather that, you should be open to hear them out at all times.

Give them necessary breaks that will help them regain their strength and vigor to work. Make the breaks structured in a way that there is a person to cover responsibilities while your employee is on break. Doing this will ensure that work still goes on as usual.

Another way you can do this is by making sure your female workers are allowed enough maternal leave to wean their children and also get back to work. If possible, provision can be made to have a workers’ daycare to take care of their children which can be free or paid.

2. Create and Foster a Positive Workplace

Taking a look at most workplaces, you will discover that the atmosphere there might be toxic. Workers always grumbling while working, gossip, hate speeches and all.

Any new talent that works into a toxic workspace might be forced to throw in the towel early enough. For most top talents, their peace of mind at work matters as this helps them to put in their best at work.

To promote a positive workplace, a standard must be set by the employer. Loosening up to some extent for your employees will make them see you as approachable and able to air their concerns to you in good faith. While you should not be too lenient with them so you don’t loose respect, you should also listen to their concerns and give them opportunity to air their views.

A good practice that can be adopted here is acknowledging the birthdays of your employees with a simple birthday card. You can also offer free meal on specific dates and encouraging feedback from your workers.

You can go as far as having suggestion/complaints boxes for employees where they can drop in their genuine complaints to you.

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3. Ask for referrals from employees

Asking for referrals can be your best bet to getting the best workers. A good performing employee will be most likely be referring a candidate that they believe will perform well enough.

Feel free to ask your employees to refer candidates to you if you do not want to source locally. They will be the best option you have to recruit a good candidate.

4. Be as Descriptive as Possible on Job Posting

When you write out a job posting, make sure that the post is very descriptive and detailed. When your ideal recruiter sees a job role, the first thing they will do is to go through the description to know if they can be a good fit for the role.

Another thing you should do on your job posting is to encourage them to apply even if they do not tick all the boxes. Job hunters are more likely to disregard a job posting if they see that they do not tick all the boxes.

5. Limit Requirements to Necessary ones

When you are writing a job posting and you get to the requirements parts, try not to put a list of requirements that are not important to the actual job.

Research has shown the most job postings that fill out a long list of requirements often miss out on top skilled talents. Keep your requirement short and important to the job roles.

6. Invite more candidates for interviews

When you finally get a whole bunch of applications, try as much as possible to invite those candidates you think would have been a good fit. Do not pay attention to the little requirements they miss because most times people do not really know how to present themselves on job applications.

Once you have filtered out the really bad applications, invite the rest for interview as they can help you fish out good quality candidates that perhaps didn’t present themselves well enough.

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7. Set IQ tasks for interviews

Once the interview message has been sent, make sure the tests are one that focuses on creativity and not knowledge.

A lot of people can know how to get things done but what differentiates each person is how they get to the end result. When accessing the tasks, focus on how the task was done and you will discover a lot of creativity there.

8. Verify all the documents

As much as you fill exploded when you come across nicely written CV with good experience, documents, etc. Always make sure to verify all the documents and the sources of those document.

Trace back to the company they say they worked in and verify that they actually did work there, verify the documents and the referrers.

To maintain a top talent is costly but worth the cost because the productivity of your company will be spiked. – SME SCOOP

9. Make a Good Offer

Once you have been able to select a good talent, do not delay and make them an offer hard to resist. These talents are always looking out to the offer that suites their needs, so try to make them a good offer. When they bargain for a higher price, go for it if your company can afford it because they will put in their best at work.

To maintain a top talent is costly but worth the cost because the productivity of your company will be spiked.

10. Keep the Details of Each Successful Candidate

Even when you cannot hire all the successful candidates, always keep their information so that you can reach out to them if you are in need.

Don’t be in a haste to discard all of their files and documents.

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11. Hire a Good Human Resource Manager

Recruiters really know their way around sourcing talent and getting them will save you time at an extra cost. They are willing to put in the extra work to get the job done because their Job depends on it.

Talents are hard to source especially when you do not know where to start from. Learn how to target and find rare talents that will work for you. Keeping them loyal is much harder but when you follow the tips above, you will be able to keep your employees happy and satisfied which equates to maximum productivity.

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