How to Know if You’re Meant to be an Entrepreneur

Have you ever wondered if you’re meant to be an entrepreneur or have what it takes to become an entrepreneur?

According to Small Business Association estimates, every day over 627,000 new businesses open each year, and about 595,000 close down each year. This low survival rate goes to show that perhaps not everyone is cut out for the entrepreneurial throne.

Sadly speaking, although entrepreneurship comes with flexibility and freedom, not everyone is cut out to become an entrepreneur. So, should you pursue the path to gold? Is it really meant for you?

How to Know if You're Meant to be an Entrepreneur

Here are 10 signs to know if you’re meant to be an entrepreneur.

  1. The Idea of a Normal Job Scare You

Almost all entrepreneurs see themselves as highly unemployable. They like to joke about this among friends but they are serious. They prefer to work 16 hours a day on their project in order not to have to work a 9 to 5 job.

Even though they know that there are some fulfilling jobs out there, jobs where they can have a positive impact in the world. Entrepreneurs would rather risk it all despite that element of uncertainty than have their day be repetitive to no end.

  1. You Enjoy Learning

For some people, this is incredibly weird. Who in their right mind finds pleasure in watching a particular tutorial or analysis? But you do. You rather learn a new skill or perfect an existing one than watch a TV show for the second time.

Entrepreneurs are defined by their abilities to continuously learn and to still find excitement in the process.

Entrepreneurs invest in themselves. They go to events, and meetings, buy courses and network with other successful entrepreneurs to learn from their journey and their path. Anything that would get them value in return is what they engage with only.

  1. You Look Up to Other Entrepreneurs

You’re fascinated by people like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jack Dorsey and how innovated they all are. They inspire you to want to be like them. You envision yourself in their shoes, changing the world while tackling some of the most difficult issues in it.

If your heroes are entrepreneurs, then you’re probably meant to become an entrepreneur.

  1. You Can Handle Risk

If you are comfortable taking risks others won’t normally take, then you can handle entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is a risky venture. Entrepreneurs are great risk takers which they often see as a challenge as well as an opportunity.

However, this is not to say that they heedlessly jump at an opportunity or onto any risky deal. Entrepreneurs take calculated risks. They often have a second plan should the idea they are working on fail, bearing in mind the positives outweigh the negatives.

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  1. People Say You Dream Too Big

Do you sometimes talk to people about the things you want to do in life, about the ideas you have and they shut you down, thinking you’re crazy, or tell you the world doesn’t work like that?

There’s a high chance you’re a potential entrepreneur. Every successful person out there has had to deal with the same boring negative and limiting beliefs other people have. Yet they choose to do it anyway.

Do you know how many people laughed at Jack Ma when he told his family members and friends that he is building a company after failing to be hired by KFC? Do you know how many people laugh when Donald Trump said he is going to become the president of the United States of America? The bigger the dream, the crazier it seems to mediocre people.

Have you ever wondered if you’re meant to be an entrepreneur or have what it takes to become an entrepreneur?

  1. You’re Able to Start Things Off by Yourself

If you’re able to start things off on your own, then you’d probably do a great job as an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs always make the first move. They can start things off by themselves without any motivation from anyone or anyone propelling them.

They are self-reliant and do not wait for somebody else to push them to take a step forward or to get things done. They have this self-control that enables them to focus on set goals.

  1. You’re Persistent

Do you have a goal and a burning desire to achieve it? Does failure not just frustrate you but push you to try again? This is practically the soul of an entrepreneur. They don’t give up too easily.

Being persistent and not giving up easily is a common characteristic and a great sign you can be an entrepreneur.

If you have perseverance, a strong resolve, and willpower to see and realize success, you can easily start and run a business successfully.

  1. You’re a Team Player

Leadership is a natural trait in the life of an entrepreneur. Born entrepreneurs can manage a group of people to achieve their desired goals.

If you’re able to collaborate with others and relate well with stakeholders in your line of work, then you’d survive the life of an entrepreneur that’s full of socializing and networking.

  1. You See Opportunity Everywhere

Do business ideas easily come to you from watching a movie, reading a book, or having a serious discussion? Do you get so many business ideas that you get confused about which to venture into?

Entrepreneurs are filled with business ideas. They are always able to see business opportunities everywhere they go. Sometimes in areas where no one would have thought of or even noticed.

Due to their ability to seize opportunities, they have been known to create big businesses from a single idea or an identified opportunity.

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  1. You Love Your Independence

This is the biggest sign of all. There is no life-born entrepreneur on earth who doesn’t like independence. That’s the main motivation for starting their own company in the first place.

The drive is not always about the money. But the freedom to do whatever they like, whenever they want. If this sounds like you, then entrepreneurship might be the right choice for you.


If you can honestly relate to these signs stated above, then you should start considering your entrepreneurial move. You might need some guidance from a successful business owner in the line of the business you would like to venture into.

Take your time to study the business you would love to venture into. Do your calculations, weigh your options and jump on it. Good luck!

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