How to Start a Social Media Marketing Agency Without Any Money

Are you looking to start a social media marketing agency without any money? It is possible. You can start a social media marketing agency with no money, and end up owing a 6 figure social media marketing agency generating thousands of dollars monthly.

At the end of this post, not only will you learn how to start a social media marketing agency, but you are going to learn how to do it without spending a single dime of your money.

There is no best time to start a social media marketing agency than now. This is because businesses have changed overtime and almost every business now uses social media to promote its products and services.

Unfortunately, not every business owner has the time to manage the activities that comes with it, and some don’t even know their way around it. This is where a social media marketing agency comes in.

A lot of businesses are looking for social media marketing agencies to help them grow their business and increase sales. And they are ready to pay any amount if you can give them the result they desire.

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What is the Job of a Social Media Marketing Agency?

The job of a social media marketing agency includes;

  • Content creation and posting
  • Running adverts
  • Managing social media pages

This is just an overview of what a social media marketing agency does. And all this boils down to one thing – SALES.

What You Need to Start a Social Media Marketing Agency

You don’t need many tools to launch your social media marketing agency. What you need to start right away are;

  • A Computer/Smartphone and Internet

You can launch your agency with any internet-enabled device and grow it into an empire.

  • Confidence

This is very important. You have to be confident in yourself that you can deliver. If you don’t have confidence in your ability, it will be hard for you to pitch to clients.

  • A Photo Designing App

You will need a photo designing app like Canva to create visuals for yourself and your clients. With an app like Canva, you can create visuals and templates for any of the social media platforms. You can also do other things with Canva. It is one tool used by almost every social media marketing agency and you can start with the free version.

  • Social Media Accounts

You need to have your social media accounts set up with a well-optimized profile that tells potential clients what you do and what they tend to gain from working with you.

You don’t need to open an account on all the social media platforms available. But Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are a must. These are the platforms most businesses are using to grow their online presence.

How to Start a Social Media Marketing Agency Without Any Money

Here are the recommended steps to start a social media marketing agency with zero dollars.

  1. Choose a Niche

The worst mistake you will ever make is trying to sell your services to every business out there. For you to achieve maximum success, you must decide on a niche you are confident in and can deliver your services effectively.

A niche means the focus of your agency. Going with a specific niche helps you come up with a marketing plan that you can use to give your clients their desired results. Aside from that, clients will easily hire you when they see that your offer is solely for them. They will see you as someone who understands their line of business and can deliver.

So, if you would love to work with businesses in the fitness niche, you can position your agency to be known for that. The best advice is to go for a niche you have prior knowledge of and are passionate about.

  1. Decide on Your Price, Packages, and Unique Selling Point

What packages will you be offering to your clients? What will be your selling point to differentiate your agency from your competitors? And what will you be charging for your services?

You may need to look at other social media agencies targeting your kind of audience and see their packages and pricing to have an idea of how to go about your own.

For creating a unique selling point, you must be able to tell potential clients what makes you unique from your competitors and the benefits your clients gain by working with you.

  1. Be a Good Content Creator

This is unnegotiable. You must be very good at creating content. It is your content that potential clients will see that will convince them to hire your agency. Your content must speak to your target audience and be able to position you as an expert in your niche.

Being a good copywriter is an added advantage in this profession. You will be able to attract high-paying clients with your copy and also help clients grow their business when you start creating content and sales copies for them.

  1. Learn How to Pitch

You just need to be very good at selling your service to potential clients. Have a pitch written out that you can be using to start a conversation with clients and close them.

Your pitch must cover their pain points and the transformation their business will get when they hire your agency to manage their social media accounts.

  1. A Portfolio is a Must

This is the best way to easily close clients as a social media marketing agency. To start building your portfolio, you may need to give potential clients a mouth-watery offer so they can give your services a trial.

You can give them a 7-day free trial to see if they would want to work with your agency. This is how you get them to taste your service. And this is your window to give your best shot and get them to work with you.

After you have won them over and they have become paid clients, request a testimonial after a month of working with them.

This is how you start building your portfolio and get more clients to work with your social media marketing agency.

How to Start a Social Media Marketing Agency Without Any Money

  1. Create a Team

As you begin to close more clients, the task becomes difficult for one person to handle. This is where you leverage on building a team. If you are good at content creation, you can outsource the running of social media ads or graphic designs to someone.

When more clients begin to pour in, you recruit more team members and outsource accounts to each of them to manage.


So, there you have it. For a start, these are what you need to start a social media marketing agency without any money.

If you look very well, having a website wasn’t mentioned. This is because it is not compulsory when you’re starting. But if you may want a website for branding purposes, you can go ahead to create a free beautiful, and interactive landing page with

And when the money starts pouring in, you can then proceed to register your business name, running ads to get more clients, getting a branded website, and others.

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