7 Reasons to Invest in Content Writing for Small Business

If you are a small business owner and you are not taking content writing seriously, we have one piece of advice for you – start today! Content marketing is fast becoming an easy way to establish brand authority, grow an audience of willing buyers, and get more traffic to your offers over time.

But all that wouldn’t be possible if you don’t invest in content writing. This you can do by hiring the services of a content writing expert for your small business if you can’t do it yourself. In this article, you will find out why doing this is crucial to your brand’s growth.

Outlook to the Small Business Content Opportunity

According to Statista, content marketing thrived more around the COVID-19 era and is still very much relevant today. At an estimate, Statista pegs the revenue of the content marketing market at $76 billion by the end of 2022. This is an impressive projection, judging by the $66 billion revenue of 2021.

The Importance of Content Writing for Small Businesses

You need the services of a good B2B writer if you intend on having a solid brand presence on Google. Content writers optimize your content for SEO, meaning that your target customers are likely to come across the blog posts and check out your brand.

Another relevance is the brand authority that comes with content writing, whereby people trust your brand more when it keeps churning out valuable content.

With that being said, here are the seven (7) most important reasons why you want to invest in content writing for your small business:

7 Reasons to Invest in Content Writing for Small Business

1. Content Writing Draws Free Traffic to Your Small Business

One thing is consistent with SMEs – low marketing budget. And no, you are not to be blamed for it. You have a lot to channel money to, from paying employees to procuring equipment and running the business.

At the end of the day, you find out that you have little or nothing to put into marketing your small business.

Depending on your niche or market, you may spend anywhere between $500 and $2,000 monthly on marketing alone.

What if we tell you that you can spend less than 40% on that on content writing and still have your small business reach its marketing goal? By hiring a B2B freelance writer, you get to save more money than you could have working with an in-house content writer.

What’s more? A majority of these contents are optimized around the keywords your target customers are looking for. That in turn, brings in qualified leads at no extra costs. With consistent content marketing, these leads will turn to consistent buyers.

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2. Content Writing Connects Your Small Business to Local Buyers

There is something called Local SEO, which is the optimization of content around the keywords target customers in your locality are looking for.

Considering that more prospective customers tend to make a Google search before making any buying decision, it impresses why you need this content approach.

3. Writing Helpful Content Makes You an Expert

Trust is the singular currency your small business needs to trade with – and it takes a lot of time to earn it.

Why not cut down through the bureaucracies and earn it faster? Here is exactly how it works:

  • By creating quality content, prospective customers will get more information about a particular service or product.
  • The more information they have, the simpler it becomes for them to make a buying decision.
  • More often than not, these prospective customers tend to patronize the brand that helped them make the buying decision.

Besides, with content marketing, you distinguish your brand from others, in the sense of providing information than coercing customers to buy from you.

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4. Record more Conversions with Small Business Content Writing

Tired of making low sales? Unsure of the target market to face with your services? Perhaps, you have been spending more money on marketing and not attracting consistent buyers.

It is time to use content writing for small businesses. Due to the influx of “organic traffic” (more persons visiting your site without paying for it), you will spend less to convert them. At most, you pay for the content written by freelance writers and enjoy a steady influx of traffic.

5. Content Writing Opens up more Marketing Opportunities for Your Business

Considering the tight budget small businesses work with, it may be impossible to use different market channels at once. They use Influencer Marketing (IM) or paid social media adverts.

Combining multiple marketing tactics costs more money and it may be difficult to monitor the results.

The reverse is the case with using content marketing. Beyond the blog posts, it is also possible to share these blogs posts on social media, thereby, giving you varieties of content options.

Content repurposing is also possible, whereby your content writers turn a blog post into a podcast, a YouTube script or even an infographic.

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6. Content Writing Puts Your Small Business Ahead of the Competitors

No, we don’t mean taking over the entire market. We are referring to the website competition, whereby your brand stands tall among the competitors.

If you hire the best SEO content writers, they can help optimize your content to rank higher than your competitors.

This is purely human psychology – the brand that shows up first gets the patronage!

7. Content Writing Automatically Qualifies Your Customers

The truth is that not everyone that checks out your small business services will patronize at the end of the day.

Some check you out to compare their options, while some do that to see if you have a better offer than their preferred brands.

With content writing, you filter out these “undecided customers” and get to the meat of it all – those who really want to buy from you.

Because you are exploring multiple content types and writing on different topics, prospective customers will come from left and right.

Depending on the depth of the information, the offer you make, and how concise the content is, these prospective customers will make a personal decision to patronize or not.

Although you will be doing follow-ups, these filtration method helps you to follow up with those who have a higher tendency of buying at the end of the day.

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Using the content marketing strategy helps small businesses filter prospective customers, saves marketing costs, and establishes the brand’s authority.

To get started, hire the services of a professional content-writing expert. The writer helps create a content strategy for your SME, analyzes the competition, and writes on topics that bring in quality traffic.

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